MCDA (Mumbai Car Dealers Association) is a platform which is helping traditional used car dealers to cope up with changing times, as well as is providing guidance to the new members in the industry.

Unity and efforts from this group are helping the used cars buyers have a very good experience in their decisions. Dealers are consultants, not only for the kind of vehicle the buyer should prefer, but also provides several other facilities like car loans, car insurance, RTO Transfers, Right Pricing, Refurbishment, Road Side Assistance & even any future Car Maintenance. It is a result of this that today users get Good Quality Vehicles at affordable and Reasonable Rates.
Since, clients buying vehicles through a reputed MCDA Dealer are availing these benefits, MCDA has decided to take their reach out to more clients and provide this new BUYING EXPERIENCE through its new online portal

We at MCDA, invite all to be a part of www.GaadiGurus.com where genuine buyers and sellers can complete hassle free car deals on this eportal platform.

It is for the dealer & by the dealer to bring all car dealers under one umbrella, to enable all dealers with current market challenges and update on the current laws of the land.

Recognition to the trade and its dealer members, in society. Ensure the society is benifited at large greener environment in the future.